The Pedestal Ashtray an essential object for your events

The Pedestal Ashtray: an essential object for your events

In a World where the Number of Smokers Continue to Grow, the Ashtray is an essential object. There are Several Models, and Among Them the Ashtray pedestal Which turns out to be important was collection tool that many people are gathered for an event. Indeed, since it is very popular and particularly useful in space reserved for smokers, it will be used to keep the place clean.


Why Should you use Pedestal Ashtrays for your events? ?

As we pointd out above, the Pedestal Ashtray is an accessory that today has its place in gatherings of several people in order to order’Avoid Cigarette Butts on the Ground. It is generally used as an outdoor ashtray, but can also be installed indoors, eSpecially during events. Note that the doublet brand offers A Wide Range of Standing Ashtrays for your event.

Such an Ashtray has a removable support that allows it to be a perfect container, both for ashes and for cigarette butts. You can find Several Models on the Market, and for the most part, they are made from very resistant Materials Such as Steel or Aluminum.

What are the Advantages of’A Standing Ashtray During Your Events ?

Placing an Ashtray we have during an event has several Advantages:

  • Thanks to the Waste Collector, It Allows Smokers to’drop off their cigarette butts
  • Vs’is hygienic and environmentally friendly’environmental
  • This Risk of Fire Risk
  • It indicates to visitors the tuxedic areas
  • Some models are sober and design and Become Decorative Objects in a way
  • You can attach your logo to personalize it

Which Models to choose ?

TEA Ashtray pedestal is an accessory available in Several Models, Depending on the Brand That Manufactures It. You will have the Choice Between:

  • The Stainless Steel Ashtray we have stand
  • The Sand Pedestal Ashtray
  • The Pedestal Tube Ashtray, etc.

Just like the Choice of Displays for your event, the Choice of Ashtray is just as important. It is for this reason that you must take into account several criteria to be sure to choose the model that best suits your needs. You will have to consider:

  • The Frequency of Use
  • The Place of Installation (Indoor or Outdoor)
  • The Number of Ashtrays to Buy
  • The Number of Users Likely to Use the Ashtray, etc.

Where to place your ashtrays ?

A PEDESTAL ASHTRAY CAN FIND ITS Place AnyWhere, Indoors or outdoors. It all depends on the type of event you are organizing and the rental chosen for it.

Smoking areas

Smoking areas, as their name suggests, are Areas where Smoking is Allowed in Complete Freedom. We Therefore Find Only People who Smoke, and Those Who Feel No Embradement to Rub Shoulders With Smokers. If you set up such a space in your company or on the occasion of your event, then you can install your Ashtray pedestal indoors.

Outdoor Ashtrays

There are Many Models of Outdoor Ashtrays that are weatherproof, and that you can install on a terrace or balcony. They can also be used to create smoking areas, outdoors, but the difference is that they are stronger and more sustain.

You can use them during your outdoor events such as fairs or oters. Installing them will allow you to avoid pollution at the place of your event, reduce the risk of fire linked to a poorly extinguized cigarette butt, and put smokers at ease.

How Many Pedestal Ashtrays do you need for your event ?

The Number of Pedestal Ashtrays to Install for Your Event Depends On Several Factors. First of all, you need to know ifvent will take outdoors or indoors. Then you have to take into account the size of the place where the event will take place.

Finallly, you also need to Know if the Ashtray pedestal Will be instaled at the entrance level, to indicate to participants that space is non-moving. It is According to all these factors that you will be able to know How Many Ashtrays on Foot You Will Need.