Social Networks and Social Media What is the different

Social Networks and Social Media: What is the different ?

In the World of Online Marketing, these terms are Often Confused: Social Media and Social Networks. For this reason, i will briefly explain what booth are.


The Difference Between Media and Social Networks

TEA Social Media, LIKE HIS NAME L’Indicates, ferment to social media. Vs’That is to say, at the’set of platforms, Tools, Applications and Means of Communication With Which We Create Conversation,’Interaction, collaboration and distribution of content between users. They Belong to Social Media: Facebook, RSS, Linkedin, Twitter, Technorati, WordPress, Blogger, Pinterest, YouTube, Slideshare ? etc. etc., etc., etc.

To dispel the doubt that besiems at the moment, i'm going to tell you effectively that facebook, twitter or linkedin are not social networks, social media. However, The Social Network is the one that creates Facebook, Twitter or Any Other Platform, Connecting Thousands of’Users, sharing thousands of messages and inducing interaction. The English Translation of Social Network is: Social Network, and its Definition: C’is a huge social structure formed by groups of people with common interests, equal, connected thoughts and building links through communities.

The Social Network is therein the creation of links and connections between people through social media.

However, Facebook, Twitter and the Others Social Platforms adopted the name of "social network" .

In the social networks, communication is bidirectional. According to the subject, People Gather to Join D’Other people with experiences and similar profiles. Conversations are at the Heart of Social Networks and, Through them, Relationship Develop.

TEA Social Media Are Laborious and Take Time because you cannot Automate individuals to the comments and less d’be recognized and that your brand is already establised, the followers do not present themselves overnight. Becuse Social Networking Refers to Direct Communication Between You and the People With Whom You Choose To Connect, Your Conversation is Richer, More Targeted and Above All More Personal. Your s network’widens when you meet and get to know D’Other people.

Some tips for working with social media

  • There are Different Targets in Each Network, so before you embark on a new network, Discover the Target Type of Audience.
  • It is very useful to think the following: "i don want thousands of’followers, customers interest in my product " . It is essential to create a good strategy that should coordinate communication in different media at the same time, supporting each other.
  • Within social media, all the actions that we take in the different platforms must be coordinated equally, clearly showing the relationship with the rest by creating an interconnected media sphere.

You see the different Between Social Networks and Social Media in the same way as me, do you have any advice to give me ?