Which Large Screen Laptop to choose in 2020

Which Large Screen Laptop to choose in 2020 ?

The Choice of a Laptop Depends Main On The Use You Plan To Make Of It. Indeed, the power of the microprocessor and the graphic card, as well as the amvent of available ram memory must be sufficient to launch and execute the tasks you perform on a daily basis. For online gamers, power must be combined with high-performance networking Equipment.

On the other hand, the battery capacity must also be adapted to these technical specials, to allow the user to have an optimal autoomy. In Case You're Specifalely Looking for A Model With A very Large Screen, here are the 2 laptops that stand out this Year.

The razer blade pro 17: a model dedicated to multimedia and gaming

The razer blade pro 17 features at 17.3-Inch Display Clocked With A 144Hz Refresh Rate that Ensures Optimal Image Fluidity. Its Technical Specials Are the Best of the Moment and Are Particularly Adapt to Aaa Network Games, Graphic or Video Processing and Many Other Heavy Tasks. It is equipped with an Intel Core i7-9750h Processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 CARD with 8GB of DEDICATED MEMORY.

Ray Tracing Technologies Ensure An Optimized Display to sublimate cinematographic sessions. In addition, it has the latest innovations in connectivity, with 2.5 GB Ethernet and Wifi 6, to make the most of streaming programs. Its features are complemented by a usb 3 port.2, A UHS-III SD Card Reader, 16 GB of Expandable Ram and 512 GB of SSD Memory.

This model is designed to follow all used, eSpecially the intense most. The Battery Life is 4.5 hours at full power, with a full load complete in 1.5 hours.

The Asus Vivobook S712FA-AU552T: A Versatile Model for Optimal Mobility

Featuring at large 17.3-Inch IPS Display With Full HD and 16: 9 Images, The Asus Vivobook is this year's Best Multi-Uuse Model in the Large Display Category. It is indeed fully equipped to ensure optimal mobility and performance for all current needs.

This New Asus is Still Light and Stylish. Its design is characterized by a chiclet backlit keyboard. Its operating system is windows 10 64 bits.

One of its Great Strengths is that it offers Two High-Capacity Storage Solutions, Including A 1TB Hard Drive and A 256GB SSD, Backed by 8gb of Ram. Moreover, it is powered by a quad core i7-10510u processes with an integrated intel UHD 620 graphics chipset. It takes about 6 hours to complete.

This model also benefits from a complete connectivity, included a USB 3.1 and year HDMI 1.4, as well as an SD/SDHC Drive.

In Terms of Networks, it Wi-Fi AC and Has Bluetooth 4.1.