Get to Know Social Networks Better to Bet On Social Media Marketing

Better Know Social Networks to Bet On Social Media Marketing

Currently, in the world, there are 4.39 Billion Internet Users and No Less Than 3.48 Billion users of Social Networks, According to a recent Study Carried Out by Hootsuite and we are social. This represents No Less Than 45% of Humans on the Planet. You are not Dreaming, in 2019, Nearly One in Two People Around the World is present on at Least One Social Network.


In Addition, Three Quarters of Internet Users in the World Say They Social Networks at Least Once A Day.

Why it is important to bet on social media marketing ?

Social Networks that Allow Both To Share Photos and Videos of Small and Great Menions of Everyday Life, To Consult Information Articles, To Watch Videos of All Kinds, To Follow Influencers and Celebrities and, Finlly, To Discover New Brands and New Products. This is Particularly True Among 18-35 Year Olds, Who Are the Most Active On Networks and Social Media. In Total, it is estimated that more than one in Two Young People See Their Directly Influenced by what see on these platformms.

All of this Things Show you the importance of understanding How to Integrate Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy. But it is still necessary to know on which media and social networks to bet ? Fill up on the hand platforms of the moment, from Facebook to Instagram, via snapchat, tiktok and youtube.

Facebook, The Leader of Social Networks

It's a fact, year after year, the number of social networks is growing more and more. Some services last for a long time while others only have a short-lived success. Undeniably, Facebook is part of the first category: to date, The Social Network Created by Mark Zuckerberg is the Undisputed Leader of Social Networks, with more than 2.234 Billion Active USERS PER MONTH.

Even if the platform is less successful Today with the youngest, it remains an essential reference for the vast majority of social users and brands. If you are watching what format to communicate as a brand, the ANSWER is simple: it is the video that has the highsst engagement rate on the service (8.29%), Ahead of the Statutes (8.03%) and photos (6.76%).

Instagram, The Hottest App of the moment

The Power of the Facebook Group TODAY is not limited only to its social network. The firm also owns Instagram, The Most Popular Social Media of This Year 2019. The app dedicated to the image now has more than a billion active users.

To find success with your brand on this service, you have Two Options, which are perfectly complementary.

Indeed, on Instagram, it is necessary to distinguish two types of content: that posted on stories and that posted on the feed’news. In Stories, Leave Room for “Spontaneous” content. For Example, Artists, Athletes or Even Professional Poker Players Share Both The’Behind the scenes on Instagram and their atypical lifestyle. For their part, Brands can reveal behind the scenes of their production, present new products or even organize competitions. Stories are also conducive to interactions with customers Thanks to the survey or question tool, for example.

On the News Feed, on the other hand, Priority is given to highly aesthetic content.

Images Created and Used Must Be Neat and Creative. It is necessary to make the Socionaut Dream Above All.

Snapchat, the app that binds on filters

Appeared Before Instagram on the Stories Market, Namely These Ephemeral Content Which Disappear after 24 Hours, Snapchat Remains TODAY A Reference for People Under 25. The app has just under 300 million users. What appeals to young people about the app is its light and delirious side: we take the opportunity to send amusing images and videos to each other, without the fuss.

For their part, brands can find their place on the service by betting on influencers and or sponsorship filters and lenses in increased reality that amuse the young generation on a daily basis.

Tiktok, The Social Network that is exploding with the youngest

Throughout Almost 2019, Tiktok has been at the Top of the Most Downloadd Apps in the World. But what exactly is this service hiding? ? Specialized in Very Short Musical and Humorus Videos, The Chinese App Already has more than 500 million followers, mostly under the age of 20, and enjoys impressive commitment rats. BRANDS CAN Take Advantage Of The General Enthusiasm by inviting themselves to the platform with Challenges.

It's very simple, almost one challenge a day appears on tiktok, and a large part comes from brands of all kinde.

YouTube, The Essential Social Media

Finallly, it is impossible to envisage brand communication without goong through youtube: Nearly 9 Out of 10 Internet Users Connect to It Almost Every Day. And just as many young people say they cannot live without the video platform. In addition, Every Day, a Billion Hours of Videos Are Watched On YouTube by Internet Users Around the World.

And, Every Month, 2 Billion’USERS Connect to the Service. That means it all, no ?