What are the hand advertisers on youtube

What are the hand advertisers on youtube ?

Businesses are allocating more and more of their advertising budget to ads on youtube. They have indeed understood the importance of placing advertisements on this video hosing platform. While Media and Entertainment Giants Are the Primary Advertisers on YouTube, Businesses of All Sizes and from All Industries can use it.


Why advertise on youtube ?

Youtube has become a Essential Marketing Tool Becaus of its Many Advantages. With More Than 2 Billion Monthly Active Users Worldwide, this platform Hits as many targets as possible and grow your audience. Furthermore, Studies Show That the Return On Investment of advertisements on youtube Is Higher Compared to the King of Those Broadcast on Tv.

UNLIKE TELEVISION ADVERTISMENTS, Those posted on the video network are also Permanently available.

In addition, Internet users can share the advertisements on youtube on their social networks, which contributors to considrably to their visability.

On the other hand, ads on the platform are generally brief. This character facilitates the retention of the converged message. It also creates in the targets the desire to know a little more.

To ANSWER it, theYouTube Advertise May provides in its advertisements a link redirecting to their website.

The Online Video Platform Thus Generates Traffic and Promates Converting Into Customers Prospects, Which Logically Increases Sales. In addition, some companies bet on youtube because they know that this medium is ideal for telling a story. The Example of MGA Entertainment and its lol Surprise Doll is Particularly Telling.

Considering the Advantages Offered by YouTube, the Colossal Sums Are Spent Each Year by Companies advertising on this platform. In 2020, its advertising returned love to approximately $ 20 Billion. This Figure Reflects An Increase of Almost 30% Compared to 2019.

Despite the Impact of the Health Crisis on Their Cash Flow, advertisers n’have there not given up investing in advertisements on youtube.

Geico, Samsung and Disney stand out in this look. These firms Alone Have Generated 15.5% of the platform's advertising returned in 2018. That Year, Media and Entertainment Companies Budgeted the Most to Advertise On YouTube.

They were in fact the source of 30% of its advertising returned.

On the other hand, the sector of The automobile Fell to Eighth Place Among Advertisers by Segment on YouTube, Knowning that it reduced its investments by 60%. In 2017, he was in third position. Analysts awarded this situation to the slowdown in the car market.

Who can advertise on youtube ?

In the same way that anyone can monetize a video on youtube if the required conditions are put, any company can advertise there. Moreover, The Platform Allows You To Select from Several Types of Advertising Formats. I 'YouTube Advertise Can Thus Choose the One That is adapted to the Objectives of its advertising Campaign.

For Create an ad on youtube and manage it, it is necessary to have a google adwords account. If you don't have one yet, you'll need to open one first. Your Google Ads Account Will Give You Access to All Of Your Current Advertising Campaigns.

It will also give you the possibility to consult statistics Allowing to Assess Their Performance.

Who can do an advertiser on youtube?

Place Your YouTube Ads in Influencers With Linking Content With Your Brand

Work with an influencing is a great way for an advertiser on youtube whoshes to make his brand nown in an original way way. He can indeed Take Advantage of the Notoriory of an influencier Which has a youtube channel to promote its brand. It is Howwe Crucial to Choose One Whose thrilled and the personality Agree with the Laterter.

Otherwise, the results may be contrary to those expected.

For Example, The Image of the Advertiser can be Deteriorated.

So be careful to orient yourself influencies with values in line with your positioning. Depending on your goals, you can opt for:

  • In Nano-Influencer (Less Than 10,000 followers), ENSURING RATES OF’significant commitment and conversion;
  • A Micro-Influencer (10,000 to 100,000 followers), ALSO Guarantee A Rate of’High engagement;
  • In Macro-Influenter (100,000 to 500,000 followers), Allowing Them to Benefit from High Visibility Given That They Have Several Audiences;
  • In Mega-Influencer (More than 500,000 followers), Implying a Large Reach, but a low commitment rate.

How Much Should you budget for your ads? 

I 'YouTube Advertise is free to define the love to be allocated to its advertising campaigns on the platform. The Later has the Particularity of Being followed for all budgets. Anyway, it is recommendé to plan a Minimum Daily Investment of 5 euros per campaign to start.

You should know that youtube provids advertisers with experts Can Help Them Achieve Their Goals. It should also Loads only when an ad sks been view for more than 30 seconds. Crown also when a user clicks we have call-to-action or an advertising banner banner.