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New iPhone 14 PRO: What do We Already Know About Him ?

Unsurprisingly, Apple Plans to Present A New Generation of Iphone For the Keynote of September 2022. This is a way to reassure investors and bright up the brand's annual mass. This year, the Californian Giant is Howwe Expected at the turn after a disappointing iPhone 13.

It will there are necessary to make an impression with the new features of the iPhone 14.


What are the news offered by the iPhone 14 pro ?

TEA New iPhone 14 Pro Will Stand Out Above all by the Overhaul of Design, According to the Majority of Leaks that appear in 2022. Indeed, Apple Plans to Abandon The Notch That Appeared On The Iphone X. A Hole on the Screen Will Thus Accommodate The Truedepth Sensors of the Face Id Function. From now on, the notch will be replacement by an elongated shadow are in the shape of a pill above the screen.

The Design Would Be Reserved For Pro Models at the moment. That Said, this change will have no impact on iPhone 14 pro Shells. The iPhone 14 and version 14 Max Should, on the other hand, inherit the notch of the previous generation.

As a reminder, the iPhone Range now include standard, max, pro and pro max versions.

This Year Thus Marks the Disappearance of the iPhone Mini.

With the new design, the brand could relocate the orange and green Witnesses of the Device to the Double Hole. These lights indicate the use of the camera and the microphone by an iOS app. However, this changes may go unnotified against the always-on Screen of the new iPhone Range.

The Latest iOS 16 Update has also confirmed the arrival of this Functionality at Apple.

The option is possible Thanks to LTPO (low temperature polycrystalline oxide). This New Technology Makes It Possible to Adjust the Refresh Rate According To Needs (Stopwatch, Texts, Videos, Games, etc.)). On the iPhone 13 Pro, the Display Frequency Could Already Vary Between 24 and 120 Hz.

It could be further reduced and stays at 1 Hz with the Always-On Function of the Latest Generation of Screens.

What is the price ?

TEA New iPhone 14 Pro Will inevitably be impact by the general price increase of Apple Smartphones. Analysts say prices are expected to include by almmost 15% for the whole pro segment. The Trend is Foreseen on the American Market and Will Necessarry Affect the World.

The iPhone Price List Could then Vary Between $ 799 and $ 1.199, According to indiscretions.

In this context, the iPhone 14 pro Should be offered from 1,099 dollars. The max version, meanwhile, could top $ 1.199. Thus, The New Flood Could Break Records in Terms of Price, If the Rumors are confirmed.

With its 899 dollars, the iPhone 14 Max Would Be the Least Expensive Large Format Model Sale the Appearance of the Segment.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max Risks, For its Part, Displaying Astronomical Prices by Opting for A Memory of 1 TB.

Indeed, the iPhone 14 pro Should be offered in 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB and 1 TB versions. Prices will logically vary depending on storage. The Price Increase is, after all, inevitable due to the Introduction of the New Design and the Increase in Production Costs.

In addition to inflation, the phenomenon is aggravated by the shortage of electronic components and the impact of the energy crisis.

The projections are thereofly to underestimate the Increases.

A release date Already Planned ?

TEA New iPhone 14 Pro is supposed to be unveiled at the September 7, 2022 Keynote. This is a real tradition Started by Steve Jobs. These Annual Conferences Have Even Been Nicknamed Jobbsnote Because of the Showmanship of the Emblematic Leader of Apple.

Thus, The New Products are presented at this unmissable event for fans of the brand.

On the other hand, software innovations are usally launched during the wwdc (worldwide developers conference). The Event is organized in the spring and targets the development community. In 2022, the Conference Took Place from June 6 to 10.

In Particular, it made it possible to discover updates on iOS, Watchos, MacOS and the Apple Ecosystem in General.

Anyway, the Cupertino Giant usually Launches New Products During The Week Following His Various Conferenys. The iPhone 14 SHOULD Therefore be marketed from September 16. This estimate Takes Into Account The Pre-Order Period of About Ten Days After the Keynote.

That Said, Apple can also change its strategy during this conference Held on Wednesday (Instead of Tuesday).