Dematerialization of Expense Repains Trend Solution in 2019

Dematerialization of Expense Reports: Trending Solution in 2019

Since March 2017, The Law has made it possible to requests accounting documents, in Particular Expense Reports. In addition to the fact that these specials deteriorate Quickly, the time invested and the cost of their management are important. More and More Companies Are Choosing A Dematerialized Expense Report Management Solution.



Time management: How to reduce the cost ?

According to Study, Each Employee spends about Twenty Minutes Filling Out An Expense Report. Then came the turn of the person in charge of checking the’accuracy of these notes. Then, the accounting department that must enter the expenders and procedure with the reimbursement.

This management time can be significantly reduced. SOLUTIONS EMBOUND. For Example, Some Applications Allow You To Scan A Ticket Directly Through Your Smartphone.

Supporting Documents Can Thus Be Stored in the Cloud and Can Be Accesed Directly by the Accounting Department.

The Time Saved is considerable, Errors Are Fewer and the Quality of Optimal Remain Tickets.

Cost of’Archiving: How to spend less ?

I’Physical Archiving of Expense Reports Can have a High cost for the’business. Here again, the Digitization of these accounting Documents can be interesting in terms of cost. Cloud Storage Requires Less’Investment Than Physical Storage.

Filing Dematerialized Data Takes Less Time Than Sorting Mountains of Papers. Digital receipts are not’Won't damage or get lost, so they are always presentable when shopping’A tax audit.

Set up the Digital Archiving: A Real Project !

Integrate The Dematerialized Archiving Within The’Business Should Not Be Taken Lightly. The Law Regulates The Practice by Setting Conditions.

Digital Credentials have legal value in the eyes of the’tax administration if all the conditions set by the law of March 2017 are put. Documents must be scanned in pdf. If the needs of the company require a compression of the documents this one must be carried out without loss.

No image Processing Should be Applied. Each Scanned Document must be timetped. Digital receipts must be accompanied by’An rgs type electronic signature in order’be certified.

Some Expense Report Management Solutions Ensure Compliance With The Law In Their Offer.