Software What is it used for actualite

Software: What is it for? 

The Human Resources Department of A Company Takes Care of Administrative Tasks About A Third of its Time. While these are essential, they do not create added value. Thus, they do not contribute to Making the Company More Efficient.



By automating them, the letter will be able to save time and focus on tasks with high added value.

What’do’Hris Software ?

Digitizing Your Business has become a major challenge. Indeed, this approach has been advantages Such as:

  • Automation of Time-Consuming Tasks With Low Added Value;
  • Improving Take advantage of the Optimization of Expensures;
  • The Refinement of Marketing Targeting Thanks to the Massive Collection of Customer Data.

TEA HR Process Do not escape the digital transformation. TEA Hris Software (Information System for Human Resources) is one of the tools that make it possible toOperate the Dematerialization of the HR Function. It is a human resources management solution composed of Applications.

Offering Many Features, Hris Software can be categorized Into 3 Main Families. In detail, they can relate to:

  • Thereby Administrative Management, EITHER THE PERSONAL FILE, LEAVE AND ABOUNTS, Expense Reports, Schedules, etc. ;
  • Thereby Talent Management Through Recruitment, Training, Career Development Monitoring, etc. ;
  • Thereby Payroll Management, Including Issuing Pay Slips and Social Processing Declarations.

Companies can use their local servers to host their hris. That Said, Almost 50% of Large Companies Now Prefer to Use A SaaS or Hybrid Solution. This article from Le Monde Informatique on the’Enterprise Cloud Adoption Will Tell You More about this topic.

What are the Advantages of’Hris Software for Smes/Vses ?

What are the Advantages of Hris Software for Smes / Vses?

The hris presents Many Advantages for Smes/Vses. TEA TIME SAVING is one of them. Indeed, Process Automation Free The HR Department from Manual Administrative Management.

The Use of This Hr Management Tool Thus Allows the Human Resources Department to Perform Tasks that Create Added Value. It can, for example, apply more to improving the quality of life at work or to enhancing human capital.

TEA Hris Software Also Allows A Company to Make significant Savings. Material Costs Are Reduced in Particular, Becaus Payslips Become Electronic. By Reducing its paper consumption, a company will improve its image.

The hris is therefore also a true ally of the csr policy.

On the other hand, this hr solution Allows Employees to Quickly Access Their Personal Data and modify them if necessary. They can also use it to perform their performance Leave Requests. Information Thus Circulates More Fluidly Between the Various Department and Transparency is promoted within the company.

In addition, the hris software makes it possible to Centralize HR Data in a single solution. With this feature, managers can clearly view a large love of information about employed performance in real time. With these elements in hand, it is easy for them to make strategic decisions.

In Short, the hris is beneficial to booth employed and hrds.

How to implement it ?

How to implement it?

The Establishment of A Hris Software is therefore in Several Steps. First of all, it is necessary to CREATE A Team That Will Deploy The Tool. Subsequently, it is appropriate to DEFINE SPECIFICS.

The Later Must Be as Clear As Possible So that the tool is very adapted to the needs of the company. Thus, it is essential to ask several questions, in particular:

  • What are the Objectives of Setting Up The Hris? ?
  • What are the Processes to be Automated in Order to Simplify the Administrative Management of the Payroll? ?
  • Can the tool be interfaced with the payroll software used by the company ?
  • Whatga LEGAL Obligations must he comply with? ?

The Next Step is to budget To allocate to the Project. This must include Several Costs such as that relating to the implementation of hr software or that involved in any training for its handling.

It is also necessary to Plan The Deployment of the Tool by Defining Several Deadlines According to the Objectives and Steps of the Project. Finallly, it is crucial to Promote The Future Hrms with Each Employee. For Employees to adopt it, it is important to make them understand that it will facilitate the management of their careers.