How to protect your company’s transactions Against Piracy

How to protect your company's Against Hacking transactions ?

The Ease of Use’Making Transactions Online can Give the’Company A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY. However, the web is not the only place to send messages’is not a long river of peace. And for good reason: hackers and other cybercriminals are waiting the corner, so the risk of having one of your transactions compromised must be considered.


To have this, here are some steps to consider.

Comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Before You Start’Press the "Pay" button, make sure your company is in full compliance with the S Data Security Standards’Payment Card Industry. Implemented in 2006 to Secure Customer Financial Data, The PCI Dss Checks for Vulnerabilitities in your web transaction system Before Fixing them if necessary. The Eftpos Terminal for Credit Card or Payment Terminal has been specificly designed to meet the needs of the Customer’Ensure The Security of Banking Transactions in Physical Stores.

This is a good start to protect your business from hacking.

Implement in Security Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol

This protocol can be used to’Aimed Primary at Businesses and Online Resellers. Ssl certificate to encrypt all of your customers' sensitive information, at the’The Vas is a Security System that Automatically Verifies That the Credit Card Data, Email Addresses and Phone Numbers Are Correct. It is also recommended to use the same method of payment’Invest in an EV Certificate (Extended Validation) which generates a more complex and reliable layout s’Acting on banking transactions.

AVOID Storing Your Customers' Payment Data

Cybercriminals Love Sensitive Information Stored On Company Servers. To take an attack, make sure you store as little data as possible Store as little data as possible About Your Customers and Their Banking Transactions. In fact, some malicious individuals could use the information to make a purchase’This would be very damaging to your company's reputation. When using’An online transaction, the’It is also recommended to use a common consumer approach, which consists in agreement his name, first name, address and the required details on the payment form.

Ounce the’S Purchase Completed, You Only’You have no reason to keep such information, exception for the fact that you have to use it’It is to facilitate to future transaction.

However, Even in this case, Google Offers Secure Solutions that safeguard customer data. It is thereofy safer to lead this type of storage.

Service verification use’Address (go)

The Vas is a Security System that automatic verifies that the customer's credit card information is correct’S Billing Address’A Bank Card Matches The One Associated With It. This system is fed by the information provided by the banking network and can boast of a high level of security’An accuracy of more than 95%. This solution is’GRANDED with the Standard PCI and allows to verify the’certificate to ensure the authenticity of each piece of data indicated by the’buyer.

In the context of the’If the Merchant Authorizes You, a specific code is generated and smell to the bank.

All Information Given by the Company is accident’The information provided by the buyer will be matted with the banking network to confirm their accuracy.

Use an Address Verification Service (AVS)

Back up all your data

AT Regular backup The Authenticity of Each Piece of Data Indicated by the Certificate is essential if you want to have data loss to a hacker attack. Cloud Servers offered Security’This is an excellent way to store important databases and files since it is a good way to keep track of all your data’They are highly secure. You can also set up a backup at Regular Intervals of Your Information On Physical Media Such As Usb Keys Or External Hard Drives.

This way, Even in the event of a hack or data corruption, you have a plan b at your disposal.

The Later Allows You to Retrieve The Information You Need. It is also important to keep your backups in a secure rental where no employed can access them’has access.

Cybercriminals are look for a new way to protect their customers’A LOOPHOLE ALLOWING them to get their hands on your sensitive information. However, by Puruing the Above-Mentioned Tips, You can Protect Your Company from SUCH SCAMS’Attack. No one’is at the’Remember also that fraudsters are always one step ahead of you’advance.

So don't give them the opportunity to do so’Opportunity to Catch You Off Guard. Tea To secure your online transactions It will not only help to preserve the integrity of the system, it will also help to find that Quickly’The Integrity of Your Customers 'Banking Data, but also the integrity of your customers' Financial information’to increase the trust that they have in their customers’they are of great benefit to your company.