Cryptocurrency has surprised clause in the contract between messi and psg

Cryptocurrency: A Surprising Clause in the Contract Between Messi and PSG

TODAY, we hear more and more about cryptocurrency, the currency that existence was tie to the forefront with bitcoin a few years ago.


More and More Democratized TODAY, from the casinos to’To private investments, it was still with surprise that the world learned that lionel messi contract at psg stated that he would be paid in part in cryptocurrency.

Find out a little more about this unusual news: What is cryptomoney ? Why is it interests to be paid in cryptocurrency ? Lionel Messi Paid in Cryptocurrency: What is the reality of this deal ?

What is cryptocurrency ?

As the name suggests, a cryptocurrency is therefore a currency. However, it is a currency Without Physical Support (corners, bills): a cryptocurrency is an electronic currency.

But, a Like the Currencies You Know, This One is not exchanged throughA Trusted Third Party Such As Private Banks or Central Banks. Indeed, the cryptocurrencies use a particular technology to enable and secure transactions between holders of this currency: the blockchain.

Like Any Financial Asset, The Value of A Cryptocurrency will be Able to fluctuate Depending on supplly and request: the more people will seek to convert their currency into a crypto-currency, the more it will gain value. But unlim the traditional currencies, the value of cryptocurrencies is much more volatile.

Finallly, the Main Appeal of Cryptocurrencies Today is speculative. Much more than a pay alternative, cryptocurrencies are thus used as investment Just like Gold, The Stock Market, Art Or Even Real Estate.

Today, there are Several Thousand Crypto-Currencies in Circulation, Among Which the Best Known Are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, XRP, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Tether.

Cryptocurrencies Are Becoming More and More Popular With the General Public in Recent Years. Even some casinos are modifying their website to please cryptocurrency enthusiasts (see here), proof that even on money website, these new currencies are taken very seriously !

Why is it interests to be paid in cryptocurrency ?

Why is it interesting to be paid in cryptocurrency?

It is already possible in some country (Japan, Australia, Costa Rica…) toBeing Paid in Cryptocurrency by Your Employ. In France, it will not be possible to receive a salary in cryptocurrency tomorrow since a cryptocurrency has no value in the eyes of the law. On the other hand, for the case of freelancers (Self-Employed Workers), it is that possible to choose to be paid in crypto-currency.

Tea hand to get paid in this way is mainly to be able To take adequately of a potential revaluation of the value of the Said Crypto-Currency. For Example, If 10% of Your Salary is Paid in Cryptocurrency and it Gains in Value Between the Time You Receive It and the Time You Exchange It For Euros, Your Salary Will Be Higher. Knowning the Very Strong Fluctuations of Some Cryptocurrencies, This Revaluation Can Be Very Advantage.

In addition, the use of cryptocurrency comes with benefits such as theNo Exchange Controls at the Borders, of Exchange Fees Now the Elimination of Administrative Tedious Steps in Case of A Large Bank Transfer.

The Case of Messi-Psg

The Messi-Psg Case

Getting Paid in Cryptocurrency ? This is Partly What the Contract of Lionel Messi, now that he has signed a contract with Paris Saint-Germain. The article of the team on this subject mentions more specificly that lionel messi will receive psg tokens ($ psg), a cryptocurrency developed by and launched in January 2020.

This Particular Cryptocurrency is intended to, Among Other Things Enable Supporters to Become More Involved with the club by giving them decision-Making Weight Each Token Owned is Equivalent to Voting in the Surveys Offed by the Club on the Socios Application.

However, do not think that the entry salary of this soccer legend will be paid to him in cryptocurrency: the white thing for psg was aboo all to all to Advertise Their "Fan Tokens", A Successful Bet Sale the Value of this cryptocurrency has soored since the announcing of the Messi-Psg Case !

Note: other clubs such as juventus and arsenal have already launched their own cryptocurrency with this application.

More Than a Revolution in the World of Cryptocurrencies, The Fact that Messi is Partly Paid in Cryptocurrency is Ultimately More Of A Big Marketing Cost at Little Cost to Psg. But who Knows, Maybe One Day You'll Be Able to make your Sports Bets Using Psg Tokens ?